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Amy has noticed more and more of an overlap in the digital sector with the creative industries.

A creative digital career

 2 October 2013

Creatives can find work in many industries – and the digital sector is no exception. Amy Edwards from recruitment website Bubble Jobs explains how the creative and digital industries can overlap.

Being a creative brand manager

 9 May 2013

Jenny Smyth works as Senior Account Manager at Red Cow Creative consultancy. She has delivered creative marketing campaigns for brands like Mr. Men, Little Miss and Where’s Wally?

Fay co-founded a business before starting up her own brand design consultancy.

A freelance brand designer

 2 May 2013

Fay Blakeley is a freelance brand designer and consultant in Cardiff. She discusses the joys of being her own boss, as well as the challenges of being ultimately accountable.

Amelia took on internships and freelance work before launching her own magazine.

Amelia Gregory, magazine art director

 18 April 2013

Amelia is the art director and founder of Amelia's Magazine, which posts on art, design, music and fashion. She commissions work from illustrators and is in charge of the magazine's look and feel.

Web designers create the look and feel of a website. They work on both the visuals and the site's functionality. Image: University of the Cr

Web designer

 13 March 2013

Web designers use text, images, graphics, sound, animation and video to create websites.

Sound designers work in a wide variety of settings, from live events to a mobile phone design firm. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Sound designer

 13 March 2013

Sound design can involve making sure the mix of sounds is correct at a live event, designing the sound effects on a mobile phone, and many other things.

Experience using software design packages is invaluable. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Multimedia designer

 13 March 2013

Multimedia designers create a variety of screen-based multimedia products.

Computer game designer

Games designer

 13 March 2013

Games designers create and develop games for different platforms. These can include consoles, phones, tablets and PCs.

Lily's work covers an entire design process, from taking a brief from a client to launching a finished website.

Lily Dart, web designer

 8 March 2013

As a graphic and web designer for digital design company dxw, Lily works with clients from design brief to finished website.

Ecommerce involves selling products via a website and this involves many different business functions and roles, depending on the size of th


 28 November 2012

Ecommerce involves selling products via a website. This involves many different business functions and roles, depending on the size of the company.

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