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Martin Delaney, actor

 22 July 2013

Actor Martin Delaney's career began in theatre in the West End. Since then, he has appeared in TV shows like 'The Promise' and in films like 'Amar, Akbar and Tony'. He shares how he got started.

Yolanda Mercy, theatre usher

 23 May 2013

What does a theatre usher do and why is it a popular way to enter into theatre? Yolanda ushers at the Young Vic theatre and explains what her role involves.

Alex Marker, set designer

 21 May 2013

Alex Marker designs sets for theatre productions. He discusses how to make them realistic spaces and represent the context of the play. He also shares his five tips for getting started in set design.

Di Spalding, scenic artist

 16 November 2012

Di Spalding has been working as a scenic artist for 25 years. She is self-employed and works from her own studio, creating scenery for theatrical sets.

Kate Unwin, set and costume designer

 6 November 2012

Kate Unwin is a freelance set and costume designer. Her work is split between home, where she designs, and the theatres where her designs are built.

Bob Christer, workshop organiser

 31 October 2012

Bob Christer designs and runs workshops with educational theatre company Speakeasy. He believes the key to getting into theatre is volunteering.

Amy Bonsall, assistant director

 31 October 2012

Amy Bonsall studied for a postgraduate degree in theatre directing. She now freelances in the profession.

Sarah Stephenson, youth theatre director

 31 October 2012

Sarah Stephenson is Nottingham Playhouse's Youth Theatre Director. Her work involves running workshops and finding ways to engage students with theatre.

Maggie Saxon, manager and consultant

 26 October 2012

From usher to finance director and beyond, Maggie Saxon just couldn't stay away from the Royal Exchange Theatre. She left her job as a banker to work full-time in theatre.

Jayne Lewis, creative director

 25 October 2012

Jayne Lewis is creative director for the award winning Unanima Theatre. She is also a teacher and playwright.

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