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Sound designers work in a wide variety of settings, from live events to a mobile phone design firm. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Sound designer

 13 March 2013

Sound design can involve making sure the mix of sounds is correct at a live event, designing the sound effects on a mobile phone, and many other things.

Design and coordinate lighting projects from inception to completion. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Lighting designer

 13 March 2013

Lighting designers work to ensure effective lighting for a commercial or residential property. They aim to enhance a building's environment through lighting.

You will need to be very well-organised and to be someone who enjoys working with computers to manage data and prepare documents. Photo: Hol


 27 November 2012

Administrators deal with customers, run offices, and take care of the day-to-day running of a jewellery business.

Your job is to encourage performers to develop the ability to speak in different accents and dialects with confidence.

Dialect coach

 18 October 2012

Dialect coaches or voice coaches work with actors to develop and improve their vocal technique, and help them adopt convincing character accents.

As a successful arts journalist, you would be invited to press nights of many shows. - See more at:

Arts journalist

 18 October 2012

Every show hopes for good reviews. Journalists get the word out about the show to the public. They make sure people know what shows are on offer and what is happening in the world of theatre.

As an actors' agent, you need to be able to work with a wide range of people.

Actors’ agent

 18 October 2012

Agents are often the first point of contact for anyone looking to hire actors. Few actors work without the support of an agent.

As a stage manager, you're in charge of making sure that every physical part of the show.

Stage manager

 18 October 2012

Stage managers physically coordinate theatre. They make sure the various parts of a show, from props to set changes, are in the right place at the right time.

Backstage crew need to be able to unload scenery, maintain and repair the 'flying' equipment and scenery.

Backstage crew

 18 October 2012

Building sets, helping create props and operating equipment, the backstage crew support the designers and performers with the running of the show.

Theatre sound technicia's look after a productions sound, from music to speech and effects

Sound work

 18 October 2012

Sound technicians and engineers are responsible for everything about what a production physically sounds like. They often also work closely with designers.

Experience of technical and backstage work is key, so try to gain as much of this as possible.

Lighting work

 18 October 2012

Lighting specialists are vital to theatre. Their work may involve design, operating lighting rigs, and looking after equipment.

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