Creative Employment Programme

The Creative Employment Programme is a £15m fund to support the creation of traineeships, formal apprenticeship and paid internship opportunities in England for young unemployed people aged 16-24 wishing to pursue a career in the arts and cultural sector.

Ian Saunders, Technician at White Light and Gabrielle Felix-Darancy, Apprentice at White Light

We will provide part wage grants to employers who create new apprenticeship and internship job opportunities for young unemployed people aged 16-24 in England. Employers will need to make an application for funding to us in order to access a part wage grant.

The focus will be on Arts Council England’s footprint. This includes all employers, both commercial and subsidised, that fall within this footprint:

Young people aged 16-24 from all backgrounds, from graduates to those with few or no qualifications, will have the chance to access on-the-job training and experience to build the skills that employers want.

Creative & Cultural Skills is the National Provider for the Creative Employment Programme. We applied through an open process. Our proposal was supported by a strong track record of delivering similarly large scale, complex and national work-based learning and skills development programmes which have benefitted the arts and cultural sector and have been backed up by high-quality research and industry knowledge.