Campaign updates

Sara Graham

 9 April 2014

Designing innovation

Can can we boost innovation in Northern Ireland?

Samuel Mitchell

 5 March 2014

How does the creative economy work?

Can the creative economy take new talent and jobs?

Sarah Hughes

 17 December 2013

Not just making the tea…

New opportunities for young apprentices in Wales.

Samuel Mitchell

 9 December 2013

Autumn Statement could have done more for the creative industries

Is there a long-term strategy of support for the creative industries?

Sara Graham

 9 December 2013

The future of the creative industries in Northern Ireland

‘Building a Creative Nation’ launches in Northern Ireland

Pauline Tambling

 2 December 2013

Launching our new campaign

Last week we were joined by 200 guests to launch our new campaign, ‘Building a Creative Nation’.

Paul Latham

 18 November 2013

A Call to Arms

Provide our young people with the skills and opportunities to succeed - pledge your support to Building a Creative Nation!

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Creative voices

Jennifer Coleman

 9 April 2014

So you have just graduated…

10 steps for starting a creative career

Huw Morgan

 10 March 2014

I made the choice to ...

Nine young creatives talk about their choice to bu

Alexis Zegerman

 24 February 2014

Choosing your career

How to balance opportunities for writing or acting

Louise Dodgson

 17 February 2014

The truth about getting signed

4 things to know about music contracts

Sharon Cannings

 3 February 2014

Balancing art with rent

7 ways to protect yourself with No Pay acting jobs

Matt Lacey

 12 December 2013

Unpaid Intahnshups

Back from his Gap Yah, Orlando has made a film about unpaid 'intahnshups'.

Pete Mosley

 4 December 2013

Be a confident creative

Five pieces of advice for anyone aiming for a creative career.

Pauline Tambling

 18 November 2013

Finding work in the creative industries

Creating the opportunities for young people to work and train.

No Author

 20 August 2013

Why hire a young person?

Key reasons to take on young staff

Meena Toor

 5 August 2013

What do artists value?

Do artists value money, expression, or influence?