Campaign updates

Pauline Tambling CBE

 17 October 2014

Reactions to the labour market statistics

Unemployment is decreasing

Sara Graham

 6 October 2014

Strategic thinking for the creative industries in Northern Ireland

New forum to tackle skills issues

Catherine Large

 1 October 2014

Notes from the party conference

What is being said about creative skills?

Mark Brickley

 23 September 2014

Rooting for further education

Why further education is so vital

Dawn Hillier

 18 August 2014

Blazing a trail for the creative industries

New apprenticeship reforms for craft

Tom Bewick

 8 August 2014

How do you create apprenticeships out of thin air?

Developing the first UK creative apprenticeships

Nick Poole

 29 July 2014

The Collections Trust are looking for Creative Employment partners

Collections Trust seeking partners for funding bid

Catherine Large

 16 July 2014

Welcome to the new education and skills ministers

Here are 3 things we think they should do

Pauline Tambling CBE

 16 July 2014

New funding for the creative sector

Congratulations to Creative Skillset

Catherine Large

 3 July 2014

A strategy for the creative industries

The launch of Create UK

Our network

View the colleges and businesses who are building a creative nation:

A map of our Supporter Network

Creative voices

Sara Graham

 15 October 2014

Creating opportunities

How to build a creative career

Britain From Above

 3 October 2014

Exploring heritage careers with Britain From Above

Watch four people discuss their heritage careers

Emily Malcolm

 28 September 2014

There are more technical careers out there than you think

Opening up technical careers to young people

Norah Campbell

 8 August 2014

Get Into Theatre ... a career in the performing arts

Watch performing arts professionals give advice

Harriet Kelsall

 8 August 2014

Let’s reform how we teach jewellery design

Equipping young people with the right skills

Cumbria Museum Consortium

 25 July 2014

What’s it like to be a museum apprentice?

7 apprentices speak about their experiences

Harriet Kelsall

 29 June 2014

What I learned from starting a creative business

Harriet Kelsall on getting a business started

Viviane Jaeger

 28 May 2014

How we turned creative designs into retail success

6 tips on how to survive in the retail industry

Jennifer Coleman

 9 April 2014

So you have just graduated…

10 steps for starting a creative career

Huw Morgan

 10 March 2014

I made the choice to ...

Nine young creatives talk about their careers