We believe the cultural sector should have inclusivity at its heart.

The recent report by Inc Arts UK A Year of Anti-Racist Action, which explores the progression made in the arts and culture sector, makes a valuable contribution to this discussion, and its findings echo many of the challenges we’ve encountered in the sector.

There are issues around career pathways: many young people from more diverse backgrounds do not feel that the arts are relevant to them, or are unaware of career opportunities available. Unpaid, and often unadvertised, internships or informal work arrangements are still prevalent, which excludes those who cannot afford to work for free.

We support the conclusions and action points drawn by Inc Arts UK, and will continue to advise and push the creative sector to open its doors more widely. We want the sector to build back fairer after this crisis, and will work harder and reach further to help the sector include everyone with talent and potential, creative and non-creative, to ensure they are given equal opportunity and progression.

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