Donald Hyslop (Chair of Trustees)
Donald Hyslop Associates

Donald Hyslop is an urbanist working across culture, architecture, business districts, food markets and museums. He advances the regeneration, reinvention, economic and social development of cities and communities.

His work begins with people, a human scale, and is shaped by a value and principles-based thinking and practice. Partnerships and active participation are central, and Donald is a long-term advocate and practitioner of the importance of culture, public and open spaces, heritage, diversity, circularity, and co-production.

He has held long term leadership roles at Tate Modern, Borough Market and Better Bankside BID. He has played a central role in the ongoing urban renewal and transformation of London’s Bankside, Borough and South Bank District into a global destination and one of the most vibrant mixed cultural, business, and residential districts in the world. Central to his work is the connecting of community, culture, and business which he believes are fundamental elements in ensuring vibrant communities and places.

Donald was a member of the senior client team that delivered Tate Modern Extension (2016), Transforming Tate Britain and Borough Market redevelopment. On the Tate Modern project, he led the advocacy and consultation process which secured planning permission without objection. He was the lead client for the team delivering the landscape and public realm. He was acting Director of Tate Modern during 2011/12 and Curated the Turbine Hall Commission 2018 One Two Three Swing, with artists Superflex, attracting over three million visitors.