About the Creative Careers Programme

The Creative Careers Programme’s launch in March 2019 coincided with the one-year anniversary of the special creative industries “sector deal”, a part of the Government’s industrial strategy which was brokered through the Creative Industries Council to recognise the importance of the creative industries to the UK economy.  

Careers opportunities in the creative industries are increasing daily, as employment in this sector grows three times faster than across the UK economy as a whole. Creative jobs are less likely to be replaced by robots, with 87% of creative occupations at low or no risk of automation. And there are urgent skills shortages, with the Creative Industries Council estimating that there are more than 77,000 positions in the sector currently vacant or requiring better skills.   

Yet many young people (and those advising them) are unaware that they could use their creative skills in the workplace. One consequence is that 90% of creative industries jobs are currently occupied by more advantaged socio-economic groups.

It is intended that the Creative Careers Programme will encourage a much-needed cultural shift across the sector in England, with employers recognising the important role they can play in shaping and informing the careers advice on offer, as well as adopting more inclusive recruitment practices themselves so our workforce is truly open to all.

The programme will:

  • Inspire young people aged 11-16 to discover the possible routes for pursuing careers in the creative industries and wider creative economy. This includes the launch of Discover! Creative Careers, a national week in which hundreds of employers open their doors to young people across England. 
  • Ensure young people aged 14-24 who are considering their career options have access to the information and advice they need. This includes providing high quality information online and training senior volunteers from the creative industries to act as advisers in schools and colleges through the Careers & Enterprise Company
  • Help employers to diversify their workforce and plug skills shortages by identifying the most urgently needed apprenticeship standards and fast-tracking their development

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For any general enquires about the Creative Careers Programme, please contact: creativecareers@ccskills.org.uk