As part of large review of apprenticeships in England, the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has introduced a number of changes to the way that apprenticeships are developed, assessed, delivered and funded.

These new apprenticeships, called ‘standards’ rather than ‘frameworks’, are being developed by groups of employers, called ‘trailblazers’.  

The new apprenticeship standards will replace previous frameworks as they become ready for delivery, and BIS intend that the majority of starts by 2017/18 will be on new apprenticeship standards.  

Developing standards with employers

Creative & Cultural Skills is working with a number of employer groups to help them identify and develop the new apprenticeships that are needed in the sector. We are facilitating trailblazer groups to develop standards in the following occupations, with several others in the pipeline:

  • Creative Venue Technician (which will replace the existing Technical Theatre framework)
  • Community Arts Co-ordinator (which will replace the Community Arts framework)

We have produced a ‘map’ detailing the development activity that is relevant to the creative industries.  This includes specialist occupations that are being developed by employers within the sector, as well as more generic roles which are being developed elsewhere, but which can be delivered within the sector once they are available.

We can also offer information and guidance about the various elements of apprenticeships, including the new Levy which is being introduced from April 2017. We have developed a briefing on the new reforms which is updated regularly as more information is released by BIS.

You can download the Apprenticeship Standards Map for Creative Venues and Arts Organisations (Department of Education, August 2016)

For more information please contact Dawn Hillier.