The Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, has announced substantial cuts in funding for arts degrees. Our CEO, Jane Ide assesses the impact it might have on training for the sector.

Last month’s news that the Government is planning a 50% spending cut to arts subjects for England’s Higher Education came as a shock. The proposition that subjects in music, dance, drama and performing arts; art and design; media studies; and archaeology have been identified as, ‘not among its strategic priorities’ seems an unnecessary and harmful blow to a sector that has been badly-mauled by the pandemic.

It also appears contrary to the ambitions set out in the Government’s Build Back Better plan for growth, which cites the creative industries as being vital to the UK’s economic success. The sector will need an influx of talented young people to build itself, once again, into an industry that was the fastest-growing part of the UK economy, generating job opportunities faster than any other sector. At Creative & Cultural Skills, we fully support the efforts being made to change the course of this decision.

But if this is to be the new landscape for how the next generation of creative talent is developed, we should also ask: where does this leave us now? If academic training is reduced in Higher Education, does this leave space for the growth of higher technical training options?

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