As part of our campaign to #BuildBackFairer, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the movers and shakers working in the creative and cultural sector and asking them to share their insight and advice for those at the start of their careers.

Amy Telfer
Art & Video Photographer

Tell us one thing about your job / occupation that we probably don’t know about?

As an Art and Video photographer, I have been using the same and my first camera for almost 6 years! I only have two lenses and use my phone to create videos. You don’t need lots of expensive equipment to achieve your dreams, what people are investing in is the craft in you.

What’s the biggest challenge facing young people wishing to enter the cultural sector right now?

Awareness and representation. There is not enough of this being shown to young people, they need to be shown there is more to see and do than the academic side of university. There needs to be more funding into highlighting how volunteering and opportunities in the arts can make a real difference.

If you could give your 16-year-old self some career advice, what would it be?

To keep going and to get back up, life is like being on a bumpy road, better days are always ahead. Every time you fall down, get back up, take chances and opportunities that come your way even if you’re scared. Getting on the roller-coaster is the scary part but once you’re on it, you will never forget it.

What’s been the most surprising moment of your training and career journey so far?

Doing the CCSkills podcast, it has made me realise how far I have come since moving back to my beloved home city, Manchester. I have done a lot of volunteering and taking leaps of faith which, I never would have done and it’s amazing I can speak about that – it’s very important to take these opportunities when you are young. MIF really do make you feel appreciated and always give back to their staff and volunteers, they nominated me for this podcast and have given me so much with their courses, workshops and volunteering opportunities.

Who’s your professional hero?

Elliot Page, Canadian Actor and Producer. Elliot recently came as a transgender man and his story really inspired me. I have watched Elliot Page on screen since he started acting in Juno. I feel very similar to him as I am also small in height and have a been on a journey to achieve who I want to be and doing what I love. I did not think I had anything to contribute in society until I saw how his characters on the screen and how he make their mark in society. He focuses on areas that need awareness across the world that don’t get that exposure. I want to do this too and create those opportunities for the young and outcast generation.

Amy Telfer headshot

About Amy

Amy Telfer is an Art & Video Photographer based in Manchester who is currently doing a Social Media internship at The Lowry, Salford. Amy features in our fifth podcast episode, Volunteering in the arts – the fine line, where she shares her experience of being a volunteer at Manchester International Festival 2021.

Visit Amy’s website to find out more.