Creative voices

Serena Braida

 13 July 2017

Diversity in theatre: small players leading the way

Serena Braida from Wac Arts explains


 22 May 2017

Get creative with Talnet

Learn more from Co-Founder Louis Tornero-Moffitt

Gateshead College

 17 May 2017

A backstage look at Leeds Festival

Gateshead College students explains his experience

Simon Callow

 11 May 2017

How Wac Arts supports young people and their performing arts careers

Learn more about Wac Arts from patron Simon Callow

Julie Bécaud

 10 April 2017

Being an international in the creative sector

Hear from Julie about being an international

Sarah Wingett

 24 March 2017

How will we improve Creative Choices

Working together to improve Creative Choices

Laura Slingo

 14 March 2017

6 ways to successfully enter the creative industries

Steve Medlin

 13 February 2017

Start your career in Film, T.V. and Stage

Steve Medlin from Wac Arts offers advice

Trend Bible

 23 November 2016

6 top tips for finding work experience in a creative design studio

6 tips for getting interior design work experience

Sarah Wingett

 23 November 2016

Creative Choices Live! in Suffolk

Read more about Creative Choices Live! Suffolk

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