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Stephen was able to learn about packaging design on the job, rather than through courses.

Stephen Shortland, MD


After many years of working in the packaging design industry, Stephen set up New Vision Packaging. His work involves liaising between designers and clients, and overseeing the business and its development.

Working on IDEO's 'human factors' team has taken Lydia all over the world.

Lydia Howland, service designer


At IDEO, Lydia works with a range of designers to find out what people want and need from experiences such as air travel.

Vehicle designers work with large teams which include engineers, marketers, and manufacturers. Image: The Design Museum

Vehicle designer


Vehicle designers are product design specialists. They help create cars, buses, military vehicles, motorcycles, planes and more.

Courses in industrial/product design are available at all levels . Image: University of the Creative Arts

Industrial designer


Industrial designers design and develop products that are easy to use, efficient and cost-effective.

Simon Hasan's furniture designs were featured in the Design Museum's Designs of the Year exhibition in 2012. Image: The Design Museum

Furniture designer


Furniture designers make furniture for homes, offices and other commercial spaces.

You could be involved with all aspects of running a business such as accounts, sales, marketing and packaging. Image: University of the Crea

3D designer-maker


3D designer-makers design and make unique products, which might be one-offs for commission or made for small-scale production.

As a senior designer for London studio BERG, Alex handles visual branding and user experience design, and will often oversee the development

Alex Jarvis, user experience designer


Alex works at design consultancy and product design company BERG. His work mixes product and graphic design with user experience work.

Design Wright has designed for many companies, including O2, Philips electronics, and Joseph Joseph kitchenware.

Advice for industrial design


After working in the design industry for a number of companies, Adrian and Jeremy Wright set up Design Wright, a business specialising in products and furniture. They spoke about their career pathways and shared advice for starting out in design.

Emma's collections are inspired by the decor and buildings of the Victorian era.

Emma Turpin, designer and maker


Emma Turpin set up her own jewellery brand after graduating with a degree in Jewellery. As well as designing her collections, she works at a gallery as an assistant jeweller.

Ben creates sculptures for public spaces. Lion Scaffolding Sculpture, 2012. Scaffolding construction. Installation view, Bruce Castle Museum

Working as a sculptor


Ben Long has created sculptures for both public spaces and galleries. He spoke about his career journey.

Kal Chottai is a designer and creative consultant.

Working as a product designer


Kal Chottai is a designer and founder of product design company Damdesign. He talks about how he started his career in design and has 9 essential skills for a design business.

Karen Arthur balances a full-time career as a teacher with her passion for making handbags.

Stay focused on your career


There’s no time like the present to start following your ambitions. So stop adding to your ‘to do’ list and start putting the plans you already have into action.

Images © Tim Bradford 2009 www.timbradford.com

From artist to entrepreneur


Making the transition from being a student to establishing an arts practice, business, or career within the creative and cultural industries is a challenging but exciting journey.

Mark Gabbertas, product designer

Taking a concept to market


With creative products, taking a concept to market is all about getting your idea into a form where it can then be developed, produced and sold in the marketplace.

Charlie Alder studied to be an illustrator. © Alder and Alder

Being a freelance designer


Designer Jonathan Alder studied and worked in London for over twenty years before relocating to Exeter to form the design and illustration agency Alder and Alder with his wife.

Kal Chottai is a product designer and creative consultant. This is one of his a creations, a Stellar Astro light.

Product designer


Product designers can either work on completely new products or try to make improvements on existing products.

The Clog and Shoe Workshop in Scotland makes hand-made clogs from wood and leather.

Footwear designer


Footwear designers create ideas and designs for new shoes and other footwear. They have to keep up to date with current styles and fashion trends. In order to be successful, they also have to be able to anticipate what will be popular in forthcoming seasons.

Beth Gilmour, jewellery designer.

Studio jeweller


Studio jewellers are craft workers usually working as goldsmiths and silversmiths. They make ornamental objects out of precious metals, as well as other materials. Studio jewellers mainly use gold and silver in their work, but may also use platinum. Precious stones may also be incorporated into the jewellery created, although working with gemstones is often a separate job.

Jethro Macey's ‘Curiosity Cabinet’ showcased the secret collections of everyday people.

A career as a product designer


Jethro Macey made his mark in 2005, transforming humble concrete into covetable decorative flooring. His work caught the attention the New Designers Showcase in London and developed into continued success.

Tatty Devine's 3D Specs Necklace' was inspired by Americana.

Tatty Devine accessories


Tatty Devine crafts unique, handmade accessories inspired by rock 'n' roll, 50s Americana and everyday objects. Rosie Wolfenden met her co-founder, Harriet Vine, studying Fine Art.


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