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How the arts can help you get into e-learning


Whether you’re fresh out of education or in the workforce, you're likely to have done some online learning. However, organisations are seeing a huge gap between their digital training content needs and in-house capabilities. With an average salary of above £40,000 a year according to the eLearning Guild, is it time to look into an e-learning career?

Journey into the design industry


What steps do you need to take for a design career? This infographic created by Fifteen Design tracks the journey, from leaving education to finding a first job in the design industry.

Exhibition designers need skills in drawing and model making, and an interest in 3D design. Image: Birmingham Museums and Trust.

Exhibition design


Exhibition designers help visitors interact with collections at heritage sites by creating hands-on displays.

Working on IDEO's 'human factors' team has taken Lydia all over the world.

Lydia Howland, service designer


At IDEO, Lydia works with a range of designers to find out what people want and need from experiences such as air travel.

Multiadaptor have designed websites, logos, graphic materials and iPhone apps for a range of high profile brands.

Andy West, creative director


After a year in his first design job, Andy co-founded brand design agency Multiadaptor. With a small team, the company has worked for the BBC, Swarovski, and many other high-profile brands.

Web designers create the look and feel of a website. They work on both the visuals and the site's functionality. Image: University of the Cr

Web designer


Web designers use text, images, graphics, sound, animation and video to create websites.

User experience design covers many kinds of technology and user journeys. Image: Multiadaptor

User experience designer


User experience (UX) is design that focuses on the relationship people have with technology. UX designers ensure products and systems are as accessible as possible.

Service design involves mapping a user's journey through an experience. Image: IDEO London

Service designer


Service design is about the way customers experience services. Designers research how users behave and respond to products and experiences.

Experience using software design packages is invaluable. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Multimedia designer


Multimedia designers create a variety of screen-based multimedia products.

Computer game designer

Games designer


Games designers create and develop games for different platforms. These can include consoles, phones, tablets and PCs.

As a senior designer for London studio BERG, Alex handles visual branding and user experience design, and will often oversee the development

Alex Jarvis, user experience designer


Alex works at design consultancy and product design company BERG. His work mixes product and graphic design with user experience work.

Lily's work covers an entire design process, from taking a brief from a client to launching a finished website.

Lily Dart, web designer


As a graphic and web designer for digital design company dxw, Lily works with clients from design brief to finished website.

Jason Bruges's studio has produced many installations, including 'Wind To Light' on London's South Bank.

Hybrid training in design


Jason Bruges is an interaction designer. His team create site-specific installations, set designs, lighting and architectural features. He explained why having a wide mix of skills, training and interests can help designers.

Interactive designer


Interactive designers produce web designs for internet sites. The design must provide both a useable interface for the client, along with an understandable format for the viewer. Interactive design must also ensure that the graphic design used enhances the user experience. The designer has to strike a balance between innovation and the feasibility and budget of a project.

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