Record label manager

 2 March 2011

In the music industry, record label managers carry out a range of functions.

These are either to support the label or to get paid by individual clients, in the case of independent labels. Record label managers have to:

  • Recruit staff, and create systems for training and paying their staff
  • Establish methods to perform financial transactions with clients and artists. This can include paying and raising invoices and keeping accounts.

Label managers have to ensure that the record label is as profitable as possible. In independent record labels the manager is also often the label owner. They are therefore responsible for the whole organisation. This includes the day-to-day running, hiring staff and finding artists.

With larger record labels there may be separate management roles which will work alongside the production staff. For a large record label, the manager may need to understand the work of several departments. However, they will not be responsible for all of these departments directly.

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