22 March 2011

Artists create original work, such as paintings, sculptures and installations. They can earn a living by selling their work through galleries, agents and dealers. In some cases, an artist may be commissioned to produce a piece of work to a required theme.

Artists create original work, such as paintings.
Artists create original work, such as paintings.

Artists can take a number of different approaches to their work. They may:

  • Choose one medium to specialise in, such as clay
  • Choose a specific area, such as busts or a certain type of sculpture
  • Use a variety of techniques, subjects and media.
  • Artists can work in a huge range of specific areas, including: painting, printing, sculpting, video, computer-aided digital art and photography. They often have to spend time researching their work, or creating drafts and sketches. Artists can work in a variety of different settings and ways, such as:
  • Working with an organisation, such as a school or employer as an artist in residence
  • Selling their work or reproducing their work in prints or other reproductions
  • Creating art to a commission, working with an individual or an organisation and hearing about what they want
  • Working on public or community projects
  • Working in a residency with an organisation or venue. This provides the artist with a space and raw materials, and can lead to the development of an exhibition or collection.

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