1 March 2011

An author writes either fiction or non-fiction books. These are sometimes also adapted for other media. This can include television and radio serialisation or a film adaptation.

An author writes fiction or non-fiction books.
An author writes fiction or non-fiction books.

The process for writing books may include:

  • Researching background and facts for the book
  • Developing a plan for a book, whether fiction or non-fiction
  • Writing the book - novel, poems, biography etc. This also includes working through several drafts to improve it
  • Speaking to various people or organisations to get further information for background use.

Authors may also write features or articles to supplement their income. Very few authors earn enough money from their books to form a consistent career. An author primarily earns money from royalties on books sold, i.e. a percentage of the book's sale price goes to the author. They may also earn money from publishing advances on highly anticipated books, or from special appearances at literary events.

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