Being an Education Projects Coordinator

 13 November 2017

Hayley Murrow organises and delivers all the educational projects that happen at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds. She explains more about her role and journey and offers tips for a creative theatre career.

Some key aspects of my role include:

  • Communicating with schools
  • Organising and delivering education based projects
  • Planning and delivering work experience
  • Delivering workshops
  • Assisting with other aspects of the Creative Learning Department including the Youth Theatre

What skills are needed for this role?

For this role it is vital that you have strong, organisational skills as you are always working on more than one project at a time.

It is also very important to have good communication skills, in order to maintain good relationships with schools and organisations.

This makes all the difference, along with having a friendly, approachable manor.

Time management is also a very useful skill!

Previous work experience? 

After graduating from the University of Chichester, I gained a lot of experience and confidence working in a voluntary position with Theatre Royal as a Youth Theatre Assistant.

Fully immerse yourself in the industry and take every opportunity that is given to you

The position soon became a paid post which I worked part time alongside an Assistant Artist Internship with Creative Critics, Christina Birt Projects which I was successfully appointed into.

Working as an intern allowed me to learn and expand my skillset with a leading team of national facilitators and gave me an insight into working with children in schools.

After finishing my internship, I took up various roles at the theatre including a Drama Facilitator where I chaperoned and delivered enrichment workshops in schools.

This allowed me to work more internally in the theatre and make connections in the building.

What education and training have you done?

After completing my A Levels, I went on to gain a BAhons degree in Performing Arts, Theatre Performance at the University of Chichester.

Whilst studying I gained first class grades in modules such as Dissertation, Direction & Adaptation, Applied Arts and Theatre Intervention.

Once I left university, I knew that my strongest area of study and the ones I was most passionate about were working out in the community with schools and charities.

I am also a Paediatric First Aider and a licenced chaperone within Suffolk.

Tips for a creative career 

1) Fully immerse yourself in the industry and take every opportunity that is given to you (however small it may seem initially).

2) Make sure you are diligent and consistent within your work.

3) Meet as many people as you can, in lots of different departments during your study or place of work and maintain good working relationships.

4) Always be organised.

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