Craft worker-maker

 9 February 2011

Craft workers are involved in making objects and implementing craft techniques. They carry out a range of activities using a variety of different materials. A craft worker/maker may use traditional skills in their work. They may also use more modern or innovative approaches and techniques.

Owen Wall, ceramicst.
Owen Wall, ceramicst.

Craft workers/makers will either produce work in their own style, or to suit a clients commission. They are often freelancers, and so have to carry out a wide range of non-craft related work. This could include marketing or selling their product. Craft workers/makers cover a broad spectrum, but as part of their work they may:

  • Consider how the item will be used and what properties it needs
  • Research ideas and inspiration
  • Experiment with materials and techniques
  • Sketch ideas and producing designs 
  • Make items using the relevant equipment
  • Finish the item with appropriate finishes
  • Add embellishments, closures or decorative items.

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