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 8 February 2011

Storyteller Vayu Naidu and jazz vocalist Cleveland Watkiss have formed an unlikely pairing: 'Bhakti & The Blues', combining Indian stories with improvised vocal soundscapes.

Music and storytelling as performance

Vayu Naidu, storyteller

"Here at the Edinburgh Fringe, it's with great delight to be here for the first time. I've created this confluence of two different traditions, a platform for storytelling as performance.

"We want to give a transcultural experience, and that's the excitement of being in Britain, because there are so many strands of multiculturalism that you can draw on."

Cleveland Watkiss, jazz vocalist

"That's the excitement of being in Britain. There are so many strands of multiculturalismyou can draw on."

"I'm here working with the storyteller Vayu Naidu, providing musical accompaniment to her storytelling by providing vocal soundscapes, layering different vocal textures to create moods.

"With this project, VocalSuite, I was looking for people to collaborate with. And I thought Vayu would be perfect. It was probably about five or six weeks, one to two days a week of getting together and preparing.

"Even though we have set things, a lot of it is really open to the moment and improvisation. It changes every night, and we kind of like that.

"You're not going to eat burgers every day, do you know what I mean? So when you think about the variety of music that's out there, why just eat chips every day?"

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