Creative skills for PR careers

 29 November 2012

Creativity is an essential skill for a career in Public Relations. With demands for more thought-provoking, clever and powerful PR campaigns, the need for creativity has only increased.

Matt Lobas, public relations officer at press release distribution service Pressat gives his insight into the close relationship of creativity and PR.

Do you want a career in PR, but don't quite have the 'gift of the gab’? Fear not - creativity comes in all shapes and forms. With the right creative flare, a career in Public Relations could be yours.

Let creativity define your career

PR can give you a flexible and diverse career path. It is versatile enough to allow you to pick an industry you love but flexible enough to not hold back your creativity and ideas.

Take the gaming industry for instance. Gaming careers are assumed to be all about programming and technical skills. But the Marketing and PR teams are just as important as developers themselves. You can have the best game in the world but without great PR and marketing, it would never gain the audience it deserves.

So imagine you’re a creative thinker and games fanatic, who loves the buzz around games, yet has no grasp of programming. A PR job in gaming would allow you to still be at the heart of the industry you love, whilst allowing you to positively steer its direction through your own imaginative input.

This can hold true for any creative sector, as your ingenuity and inventiveness can be applied anywhere. This has become considerably more prominent in the past decade, as web and mobile technologies continue to redefine job roles.

Use creativity to get attention

The aim of any PR or marketing campaign is to engrain an idea, product or service into the minds of customers. This is done in the hopes of increasing reputation, sales and brand awareness.

Being able to ingeniously drum up a message is a highly sought-after skill.

Doing this effectively requires ingenious hard-hitting messages that involve some serious resourcefulness. Things don’t go viral for no reason.

The T-mobile dance commercial is testament to that. With over 36 million views on YouTube alone, it is considered one of the most successful PR stunts ever! Interviews with T-mobile revealed that the shops footfall increased somewhere between 16 -20 per cent in one year! Now that’s amazing PR.

From a creative viewpoint, this stunt pushed the boundaries of advertising. It wasn’t just your standard TV advertisement, it quickly became known for its sheer size, choreography, planning and effectiveness. It also achieved publicity across local, regional and national press and spread through social networks like wildfire. All because of an ‘idea’.

Using visual creativity

With an increase in social/image sharing websites, simple tables of information became too boring a representation. Thus infographics were born: a visual representation of the information being conveyed, and also the creativity behind the topic and brand.

Infographics are a PR’s best friend when showcasing statistics to support a particular claim. With images and graphics shareable via social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, being able to creatively, elegantly and ingeniously drum up a message is a highly sought-after skill.

A great example of positive PR images created by a designer can be seen through an infographic published by an online Costume supply company. The image generated millions of unique pageviews, sending a wave of new visitors and a memorable brand image in a heavily saturated market.

What made the image so popular? It hadn’t been done before, it was fresh and new. It was different and inspiring!

So there you have it: the creative side of Public Relations really can be as enjoyable and imaginative as you make it!

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