1 March 2011

Critics in the creative industries write critical features and comment pieces for newspapers, magazines, broadcasting and the internet. They give informed opinion on books, films, plays, shows and exhibitions. Their commentary provides information to the reader, along with personal views on the object of their commentary.

Critics do not work in isolation; they may have to conduct their work by: 

  • Liaising with editorial staff about which plays, books or exhibitions to cover
  • Finding out more about the item or event. This can be done by attending meetings, press conferences, previews and open events. Along with this they may have to talk to press officers, public relations consultants, representatives of organisations and members of the public
  • Interviewing people who are involved in the book. play or exhibition
  • Building a list of contacts who may be able to information in advance of publication or an opening night
  • Using a reference library and/or the internet to research.

Critics also possess strong writing abilities. They have to think creatively to find new angles on a piece of work. This could be to distinguish their critical work from the versions that appear in rival publications. They also have to ensure that critiques are accurate, fair and written in the house style for a publication.

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