Education staff (music)

 2 March 2011

Education staff workers in the music sector support the work of teachers and development officer. They work in music related venues to enable visitors to ensure an educational experience. They may work with individual children or visitors, small groups or a whole class. The work often involves helping children and other visitors by explaining specific activities to them. They may also support children to make sense of a performance.

Education staff encourage people to develop socially, personally and educationally. In some cases they work in youth clubs and centres, organising activities in areas like arts and drama. These activities are used to provide guidance in an informal way to young people.

Educational workers can help young people find out what is required to work in the creative industries. They also help to develop children's skills and knowledge.

Some education staff workers have a specific responsibility to visitors with special needs. They may also have to ensure that visitors and children can access learning opportunities in the venue.

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