Emma Morsi, digital marketing apprentice

 28 March 2017

Emma joined Saffron Records, an all-female record label, as their digital marketing apprentice and helped them grow their website traffic and social media engagement. She now works for them as a freelance design consultant and also produces her own digital arts, fashion and music magazine. In 2017, she was awarded Apprentice of the Year at the Creative & Cultural Skills Awards.

"Emma had an incredibly positive impact on Saffron Records"

Saffron Records was launched in 2015 and offers a platform to young female artists to be taken seriously in a sometimes challenging music industry.

They started their apprenticeship scheme not long after their launch and Emma was one of the first cohort of apprentices.

Helping the organisation grow

Emma had an incredibly positive impact on Saffron Records and was the face of the company through their social media channels and the engaging content she produced.

Emma has inspired everyone around her and you often see people in disbelief as she reveals her age

Emma’s manager Laura Lewis-Paul who nominated her said: “We saw our social media engagement and website traffic grow very quickly whilst Emma was on board at Saffron Records.

“She continually knew everything about what we were working on and was able to input and execute new ideas, helping the organisation move forward.”

Emma constantly made sure that she was representing Saffron Records in a cheerful, positive and professional way which really helped the organisation build its customer base and gain a good reputation, within its first year of business.

Supporting others

Emma was determined to support, introduce and networking with emerging artists and other creatives.

Laura said: “Emma is incredibly supportive of people that she works with and is keen to educate and challenge people on their views in a non-patronising manner, purely from a place of care.”

We saw our social media engagement and website traffic grow very quickly

An example of this is when Emma worked with Saffron Record’s first signed artist. She worked tirelessly to help them create a brand, album artwork and music video.

She was incredibly thorough and really understood how important the work was as what they would put out would represent how the world saw them as an artist.

Emma was also very good at connecting the dots between her magazine that she runs, Nocturnal, Saffron Records and the youth organisations that she volunteers with.

This meant that young people across Bristol would have knowledge of key cultural and creative opportunities.

Producing a magazine

Whilst Emma was working at Saffron Records, she was also producing her online magazine called Nocturnal.

Nocturnal is a youth-led interactive magazine and showcasing platform that uses the arts to discuss social and cultural issues.

Their biannual issues use a range of creative practices such as writing, illustrations, photography and film to deliver millennial insights and showcase upcoming work from young creatives in the arts, fashion and music industries.

Emma works alongside upcoming artists and music enthusiasts to create music columns and social media feeds.

Winning Apprentice of the Year

Laura said: “Emma has inspired everyone around her and you often see people in disbelief as she reveals her age is 20 as she has done so much already.

“She was an incredible apprentice that continually supported and inspired me in the first year of me setting up Saffron Records. I never thought I would be able to trust someone so much within a business.”

The judging panel chose Emma as the deserving winner saying: “Through her positive and inspiring character, Emma has set the bar high for the next cohort of apprentices.”

Emma said on winning: "To gain such recognition from colleagues and industry professionals for doing the work you love is a monumental feeling.”

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