Exhibitions staff

 21 February 2011

Exhibition staff plan, organise and show exhibitions of artefacts, paintings or other objects. They work closely with curatorial staff. Exhibition staff have to consider the venue, lighting and heating and humidity conditions for a collection. They also have to take account of the security details for a show. They will work with a catalogue to label items and describe them. This ensures that the exhibition is as clear as possible to the public.

Exhibition staff are also likely to help the curator or a senior member of staff in a number of areas:

  • They may help with displays and collections, especially when they are being moved or changed
  • They may help set up a new display. This requires different exhibits to be moved correctly, without causing any damage
  • Exhibition staff may liaise with conservators to discuss the best conditions for display objects. They will also account for how items should be handled or displayed.

Some exhibition staff may also be involved in giving tours and talks to groups of visitors. They are responsible for ensuring that exhibitions are accessible to everyone. For this, they may have to liaise with documentation staff to ensure exhibitions are accessible to a wide range of society.

Exhibition staff in cultural heritage may work at a National Trust or English Heritage place of historical interest. They could also work at heritage or cultural centre, a visitor centre, or a museum.

Exhibition staff can be responsible for either:

  • Scheduling and implementing major changes to long-term displays
  • Major temporary and touring exhibitions
  • Small scale displays and exhibition projects.

Exhibitions staff facilitate other staff to have an input into the exhibition and display programme. They also coordinate the input of external specialist support staff and contractors working on individual projects.

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