Beth Knight, fundraising and development apprentice

 10 March 2016

Beth is fundraising and development apprentice for West Yorkshire Playhouse. She discusses the skills she's picked up from the role and provides tips for working in theatre.

(Image: interns, apprentices, graduate actors and placements at West Yorkshire Playhouse)
(Image: interns, apprentices, graduate actors and placements at West Yorkshire Playhouse)


I live in the Leeds area and am originally from Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

What job do you do?

I’m the fundraising and development apprentice for West Yorkshire Playhouse

What did you do before this?

Don’t be afraid of working outside of your skillset. 

Before this I worked part-time in retail. I also was involved in drama facilitation with young people, and acting, which I still do now.

I got started by joining West Yorkshire Playhouse Youth Theatre in 2012. I volunteered and then took other opportunities to engage with the organisation.

What do you do at work?

I do a mixture of administration and events support. We put on events for existing donors and try and court new donors.

What you have got from this apprenticeship?

I’ve learned lots of different things, such as the process of putting together funding applications and what to include in them.

I’ve gained a greater understanding of charitable organisations and the challenges involved in being a not-for-profit organisation.

I also have improved my confidence in my personal management skills.

What's the best thing about your job?

The best thing is being a part of the important work we do here and being a part of the changes and growth of the organisation.

What's the worst thing about your work?

It can be hard working in a creative building, but not really working creatively.

What do you want to do next?

I want to continue to act, work with young people and keep connected to this building, which I love. Eventually I hope to start my own theatre company!

How do I get into theatre?

1.Consider the different paths in

Don’t be afraid of working outside of your skillset or frame of interests. There are many roads which can lead to your destination.

2. Say yes a lot

Take opportunities to endear people to you by offering help and support.

3. Be determined 

Don’t give in easily. You will probably have to work long, hard hours. If you love what you do, it won’t seem like such hard work.

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