Gallery staff

 21 February 2011

Gallery staff attendants work in a customer-facing role in galleries and museums. They are responsible for ensuring that visitors are safely regulated and that artefacts are safe and secure.

Along with these basic functions, gallery staff may provide other services:

  • Provide visitors with information about the room, gallery or area. Sometimes attendants can also conduct tours.
  • Ensure that house rules for conduct (e.g. relation to noise levels) are followed.
  • For interactive centres, they may wear period costume and may get into character to help the visitor's experience be as authentic as possible.
  • Provide information to visitors. They may use documents or interpretation material to ensure that visitors can get the most from their visit.

Some centres or museums are now adopting a multi-skilling approach to staffing. This may mean that an attendant may also work in the cafe or in the shop, as admissions staff. Attendants may work at a place of historical interest, a heritage or cultural centre, a visitor centre, a re-enactment centre or activity, or a museum.

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