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 29 November 2012

If you are interested in a career in interior design but come from a completely unrelated industry, this does not have to hold you back. Many leading designers started off as career changers with a desire to develop their creative side.

KLC has an international reputation practical, accessible and professional career training.
KLC has an international reputation practical, accessible and professional career training.

KLC School of Design specialises in Interior and Garden Design training and offers a range of flexible study methods. Sarah Klug of KLC shares advice on how you can get the skills for interior design.

Make a career change to interior design

It is quite possible that a previous career could provide a fantastic foundation for a career in interior design. Many of our students, for example, come from law, banking, retail, IT, advertising or marketing.

One of our graduates with a financial background tells us that because many of her clients come from that world they feel very confident working with her because she really understands their approach.

Decide on your training

To help facilitate a career change it is really important to gain a qualification in interior design. Through studying and being immersed in the industry, students not only get an extensive grounding, but also a broad overview of the discipline and an insight into a number of career options.

To help you decide which qualification or course to aim for, it really helps to begin by attending an Open Day. These are opportunities to see work produced by students on the different courses, to hear from tutors and previous students and to learn first-hand how course content and study methods differ.

Get qualifications in interior design

The next step involves commitment of time and money but you can choose the type of course and study method to suit the time and budget you have available. KLC School of Design offers the following:

Diploma in Interior Design

A full-time Diploma in Interior Design, validated by the University of Brighton, can be a direct route to entering the industry. On completion of this year you could opt to progress to a further year leading to a BA (Hons) in Interior Design, which is an excellent path for those wishing to practice commercial design or to work internationally.

Many leading designers started off as career changers with a desire to develop their creative side.

For anyone wanting to do the Diploma, but needing to continue working, an alternative study method is Blended Learning taken over two and a third years.

This course is mainly undertaken on-line with one week at college at the beginning of each year and a further five separate workshop days during the first two years.

Students who complete these courses receive assistance from the KLC Careers Service department to gain work experience and internships which can lead to full-time job opportunities. Many of our more experienced alumni have established their own design practices often in conjunction with a friend they made while studying at KLC.

Certificate in Interior Design

We also offer a Certificate Course which introduces students to the essentials of good design and decoration and provides the perfect stepping stone for residential design work and supply.

Entrepreneurially-minded graduates from this course have gone on to set up businesses in product design, established lighting design practices or importing and distribution organisations tailored to interior designers. The Certificate Course can be studied full-time over ten weeks, running each term, or part-time over a year, beginning in September or January

Open Learning Diploma in Interior Design

For people based further afield we provide open learning options. The Open Learning Diploma in Interior Design can be supplemented by workshops or training sessions at the school and is ideal for people with work or family commitments who want to work in their own time and at their own pace.

Businesses can grow from friendships made when people pair up to establish their own studios.

The Open Learning Diploma is not restricted by geography and students from as far afield as Brazil and Australia complete the course. Many work on their own projects during their course of study and graduate with these forming part of their portfolio of work and an excellent based upon which to get started in the industry.

Starting an interior design career

The Careers Service Department is a dedicated team who work alongside students and employers to create work experience and internship opportunities for our graduates. They also continue to place intermediate and senior designers who have graduated from KLC in appropriate job opportunities keeping close relationships with employers who send through regular job updates.

Once students have graduated many go into the workplace for experience whilst identifying where they would like to focus their career. Some then venture into large commercial design practices, whilst others focus on residential practices.

It is not uncommon for businesses to grow from friendships made when people pair up to establish their own studios or related businesses based on a passion such as lighting, furnishing, sourcing and importing.

About KLC School of Design

Jenny Gibbs, the Principal of KLC established the school 30 years ago and says, "We work hard to provide the right, up-to-date training for the industries we serve and constantly review the content and delivery of our courses in the light of the regular surveys we carry out.

"The approach here is geared to adult learning and we try to make the courses, however intensive, thoroughly enjoyable and the atmosphere friendly and professional.

"The focus of the training is on developing the individual potential of each student and our extensive careers service is designed to help students on the professional courses make a successful transition from course to workplace."

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