Getting started in the creative and cultural industries

 16 May 2017

In this animation, see advice from industry professionals being put into action as young people move towards working in the creative and cultural industries.

After I got all this great advice from local arts organisations, I made sure that I did something with it.

Here are a few things I learnt along the way while looking for a job.

1. Make a list of websites and social media to check on a regular basis.

2. Tailor you CV to the job that you are applying for and for the organisation.

3. Follow the application instructions carefully.

4. Work hard and then reward yourself with a cup of tea, seeing friends, a trip out.

5. If a job doesn’t look like your dream job, then think about how it can be a stepping stone along the way.

6. Try to have a positive approach to looking for a job. It can take a while but you’ve got to learn to bounce back.

I also didn’t just apply for jobs, I looked into what people had told me about setting up my own projects and maybe even setting up my own company one day.

The Curious Kitbag gives help and advice to new arts organisations just starting out. 

It was hard to know where to start but this got me thinking about what I am passionate about, the area I want to work in and why I want to do it.

I was also looking for people that could help me and I find out there’s the Curious Kitbag that gives help and advice to new arts organisations just starting out.

There’s Creative Lancashire as well that support new enterprises and have networks of creative people.

The scariest thing about being self-employed, or setting up my own company was all the paperwork and tax. But then I found there are loads of useful websites and suppot organisations out there.

And above all remember, finding all this out made me more confident in looking for a job and not panicking if I don’t find anything straight away. And I know I can make my own opportunities if I want to.

My friend and I are looking at running our own arts event and I’ve got an interview next week for a part time job.

This film was created and is owned by Curious Minds.

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