9 February 2011

Glassmakers in the craft sector create one-off objects out of glass. They may, to some extent, apply old methods to modern glassmaking. The basic technique of glassmaking is similar to how it was conducted in the early days of the craft.

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Aline Johnson,

Craft glass makers generally produce:

  • Flat and architectural glass (mirrors, windows)
  • Tableware (goblets, decanters, vases)
  • Studio and decorative glass.

Glassmakers create their desired object by heating the materials with scrap glass (also known as cullet). The materials used in making different types of glass range in quality depending on the desired outcome.

Glassmakers are required to carry out a large number of technical and creative functions, such as:

  • Glassblowing - blowing down a blowing iron, while spinning and swinging it, to form the glass into a rough shape
  • Bending the glass by placing glass sheets over moulds or shapes and heating them
  • Lathe-working on large pieces of glassware
  • Decorating using techniques such as engraving, sand or grit-blasting, stencilling and acid etching
  • Designing new patterns and styles. 

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