Graphic crafts maker

 16 February 2011

Graphic craft makers work with paper to produce bespoke objects. The work is varied and graphic crafts makers may specialise in a particular technique or area of work. Many workers in this craft area will produce work to their own style and designs. They also create pieces to suit specific commissions from individuals or organisations.

Gemma Garner, toggle.
Gemma Garner, toggle.

Specific examples of the work of graphic craft makers include:

  • Bookbinding - involves making a case (eg from cardboard, wood, paper or leather), which is then usually sewn onto the block of printed pages of text
  • Calligraphy - uses handwriting to produce books and poems and prose, either on paper or parchment
  • Paper making - uses fibres and pulp (eg cloth, bark, grass or recycled paper) and moulds to create paper. They may add other dyes or pigments to colour the paper. Decorative materials can be added (eg flowers, leaves) to create interest
  • Paper shaping - involves using paper to create 2D images or 3D forms, that may be decorative (eg pictures) or functional (eg boxes, baskets)
  • Printmaking - involves using a variety of techniques to transfer images or words onto paper.

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