Hannah Fiddy, flashmob producer

 10 March 2017

Hannah's organising of flashmobs started out as a hobby but due to the events popularity, it soon became her full time job! She explains how flashmobs can range from silent discos to wedding proposals and offers 3 top tips to anyone wanting to get into flashmobbing!


I’m originally from a small village in Lincolnshire but now live in London.

What job do you do?

Among other projects, I produce flashmobs and other quirky, pop-up events for a living.

How did you become a flashmob producer?

When I was at university I came to London for the day to do some fundraising as part of Cambridge RAG.

I love the creativity of coming up with a unique idea and seeing it come together after a lot of hard work

At the end of a long day shaking my bucket in Victoria station I saw an amazing sight!

Thousands of people, many wearing suits, having a silent disco during rush hour. What an introduction to the world of flashmobs!

I joined the London Flashmob Facebook page, so that I could find out about future flashmobs, but it was very small and inactive.

So I took over the page and have since expanded it and organised many fun events.

It started out as a hobby but due to its growth, the number of requests I get for flashmobs and the amount of work it takes, it’s become a full time job!

What qualifications do you have?

I have a degree in music from the University of Cambridge.

What do you do for your job?

It could be absoloutely anything from organising a wedding proposal to considering the logistics of an event such as the Space Hopper Challenge, which is my current project.

The aim is to beat the world record for the most people simultaneously bouncing on space hoppers in one place, which currently stands at 2,943.

Just some of the things I’m doing for the event are:

  • Making a plan for buying, storing, transporting and pumping up space hoppers
  • Talking to the Council about finding a suitable location
  • Publicising it through marketing and PR to get enough people on board
  • Recruiting and managing a team of volunteers
  • Planning and managing the event logistics

One of the fun things about my job is that because each event is different, what I do day-to-day changes each time.    

What is the best thing about your job?

I love the creativity of coming up with a unique idea and seeing it come together after a lot of hard work.

Seeing people’s reactions is also brilliant – whether that’s someone being delighted by a romantic proposal, or a crowd of people having a blast at one of my events.

And the worst thing?

There are many hoops to jump through in order to put on an event in a public space, which can become time-consuming and laborious (as well as antithetical to the idea of a flashmob being a quick, random pop-up).

How do I get into flashmobbing? 

1. Volunteer at a flashmob so you can see what goes on behind the scenes. A common misconception is that flashmobs don’t require much planning but as I’ve discovered over the last few years, this is wishful thinking!

2. Organise your own flashmob so you get a feel for the journey from inception to actuality.

3. Don’t lose hope if your event doesn’t take off straight away! Success is a much longer game than you might anticipate. 

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