Interactive designer

 28 February 2011

Interactive designers produce web designs for internet sites. The design must provide both a useable interface for the client, along with an understandable format for the viewer. Interactive design must also ensure that the graphic design used enhances the user experience. The designer has to strike a balance between innovation and the feasibility and budget of a project.

Interactive designers need a large number of specialist skills. They require:

  • A solid grasp of information architecture. The designer needs to understand how the user will navigate the site. They must also present information in an intuitive and absorbing way
  • The ability to visualise the different types of content which will be displayed. The interactive designer has to raise any potential problems with the client from their brief on the basis of this work
  • An intelligent and imaginative approach to brainstorming and ideas creation. They should also be able to visualise the site interaction. A key skill is then communicating these ideas to clients and colleagues.

The web designer will have good working knowledge of a variety of graphics and web development packages, and will understand the integration with any back-end requirements.

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