Joe Parker, Photographer and Social Media Administrator

 7 August 2018

Joe always saw photography as a hobby, but gradually he found opportunities for it to become his career. Since completing an apprenticeship with Out of Hand, Joe has started working for Garment Quarter, creating the images for their website and social media accounts.

Building an online portfolio helped Joe stand out
Building an online portfolio helped Joe stand out


I'm from Bristol and currently work at Garment Quarter.

What job do you do?

I’m a Photographer and Social Media Administrator.

What qualifications do you have?

I have a Level 3 qualification in Digital Marketing, and A levels in Photography and Media Studies.

How did you become a Photographer and Social Media Administrator?

I studied photography throughout school and college but always thought of it as a hobby, rather than a career. In my previous work as an apprentice I was responsible for managing the company's social media accounts.

As an apprentice I was responsible for managing the company's social media accounts

Through this, I learned how to promote a business online using social media, and I was also able to use this these skills to promote myself as a photographer. By the time my apprenticeship with Out of Hand came to an end, I had received an offer to work as a photographer with Garment Quarter.

What do you do for your job?

My day mostly consists of shooting and editing photos of clothing, accessories, and shoes for the Garment Quarter website. I also shoot photosets with models wearing our stock for the social media accounts and our style blog.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about being a photographer with Garment Quarter is the freedom I have to be creative with my work. Over the last few months I've really been able to try out new features and expand my skill set on my own terms.

And the worst thing?

My workload can vary from day to day, as the timing of shoots is dependent on when we receive new shipments of stock. So, it can be tricky to keep to a tight schedule. One area of work may need more attention than others, depending on the day, so I need to be flexible.

How do I get into the photography industry?

I got into this profession by building up an online portfolio of my photography, which slowly attracted attention to my work, and I would definitely recommend that others do the same. Knowing how to promote myself on social media was helpful too.

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