John Douglass, head of special projects

 1 August 2012

John worked at Access To Music and the Armstrong Learning Group, but now works freelance in business and education. He also runs a small label, as well as continuing with song-writing and performing.

"I enjoy helping others find opportunities to be creative and advance their careers."



What do you do?

I work freelance, having previously worked for Access To Music and the Armstrong Learning Group as head of special projects.

My major focus there was music and creative industry apprenticeships.

I also run a small music label, and I am a songwriter and performer.

What previous jobs have you done? 

I've been a musician since I was about eight years old when I heard T Rex for the first time!  

"If you believe you're the best, go out and prove it."

I've been signed to various publishers and labels over the years, including Atlantic and EMI.

I've done the usual: songwriting, albums and touring.

I’ve also worked in music shops, music journalism, music management, and music teaching.

What qualifications do you have?

I have a degree in Social Anthropology, the relevant teaching qualifications, and a thick skin!

What do you do at work?

A bit of everything, from advising businesses and colleges to consulting on various music and education projects. I am also involved in band management and many more things!

What's the best thing about your job?

Variety, and long but flexible hours. I enjoy helping others find opportunities to be creative and advance their careers.

How do I get into music?

Don’t wait to be asked. If you believe you're the best person for the job. Go out and prove it.

Mix your self-belief with a reality check. Find someone whose opinion you can really trust to be your mentor.

"What goes around comes around" – I believe there’s a lot of truth in that saying.

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