John Liddell, head of costume

 2 September 2014

John Liddell is the head of costume for Scottish Opera. In this short video clip he talks about the role of a costume maker and the choices people have to make for a costume career.

Working as head of costume

The role of a head of costume is to organise absolutely everything that appears on the actors or the singers on stage.

People who work in costume making, when they study for that at college, they have to make a choice between on the one hand a design-based approach and on the other hand a making-based approach.

Making a living with costume

I have to say that most of the people that are actually working and earning a living in the theatre are coming from the costume making abilities.

It can be more realistic and just as rewarding to concentrate on making the costumes, and there are many specific courses for that.

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This film was made as part of a live brief involving students and graduates from City of Glasgow College

See the whole 'Get Into Theatre ... a career in the performing arts' film, which features ten people talking about their diffent theatre careers. 

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