Learning to flutebox

 30 August 2012

Nathan Lee has built a successful musical career with his unique method of playing the flute and beatboxing at the same time. He spoke to Creative Choices about how he got started.

Getting started with the flute

"I went to Graycourt, in South London. I left early, kind of got thrown out, and then I did building work for many years.

"Someone gave me the flute. When I first got it I thought about selling it, and then I thought it was so small I might as well take it home.

"Then when I got it out I just thought it was a really nice thing. I wasn't doing anything else, and when you're doing nothing but building work you want to do something else, a person might want to do something else, and I did."

Learning to play the flute

"She taught me things I wanted to learn, little random things that made me make the connections."

"I had a teacher, Melanie Thompson, and she's wicked. She just really helped me out, because I couldn't have done it if she hadn't."

She really taught me. And she taught me how I wanted to be taught: things I wanted to learn, little random things that made me make the connections.

Turning fluteboxing into a career

"I'm doing a lot of gigs, doing a lot of things at the Royal Festival Hall and just all over really, travelling all over, I've been really lucky."

Check out some of Nathan's fluteboxing on the video above.

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