Licensing and royalty collection

 2 March 2011

Licensing and royalty collection staff officers in the music industry collect royalties owed to them.

They are responsible the copyright protection and remuneration of:

  • Musicians and performers
  • Orchestras
  • Composers
  • Anyone involved in recorded music who owns a copyright or original piece of music.

Licensing staff issue licenses to organisations and individuals. When their music is then played, for example in a bar or shop, a royalty can be collected and passed to the owner.

Licensing staff also issue licences to broadcasters so that they can broadcast recorded music legally. The responsibilities extend to issuing licences and collecting royalties for music broadcast worldwide.

Licensing and royalty collection staff members also reunite musicians and record companies with other royalties. This could include money owed to them as a result of the recorded music being played or broadcast.

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