Matt Wolliscraft, promoter

 1 August 2012

As a promoter, Matt plans out the route a music tour will take. The moment when the band finally takes the stage is his favourite part.

"Be prepared to do the hard work and the jobs that maybe others won't – it will get noticed."



What job do you do?

I'm a promoter at SJM Concerts (part of the Gigs and Tours company).

What previous jobs have you done?

I started as a student, DJing and crewing. I was the events manager for my student union.

I became a venue booker. I booked some festivals for Mean Fiddler.

What qualifications do you have?

I have a political science degree from Birmingham University, three A levels and 10 O levels (GCSE equivalents).

What do you do at work?

I plan routes for music tours.  I then make offers for those tours, put them on sale, and advertise them. 

"I like it when band and audience really connect."

I monitor the sales, and hopefully make a profit both for the company I work for and the artists I work with.

What's the best thing about your job?

When a band walks on stage and an audience and an artist really connect at a gig.  I like that I've played a small part in making that happen.

It's as proud a moment at an arena as it is in a 100-capacity club.

Playing a part in something that makes people's lives better makes it all worthwhile.

How do I get into music? 

Treat everybody as you would want to be treated yourself.

Be prepared to do the hard work and the jobs that maybe others won't – it will get noticed.

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