Music performer

 15 March 2011

Performers in the music industry are musicians. They include singers, classical and popular musicians and backing or support performers who perform in front of a live audience at a show or concert.

Live music is an essential element to musical theatre. Images: Britten Sinfonia
Live music is an essential element to musical theatre. Images: Britten Sinfonia

Music performers may be:

  • Part of an orchestra, band or group
  • A solo artist
  • A group of singers, including backing singers and vocalists.

Music performers may also include a variety of other activities in their work. Some singers include dance and movement as part of their performance. Popular musicians may also compose their own work.

There are a number of different ways in which music performers can work:

  • A solo musician may work with an orchestra, an accompanist or their own equipment
  • Pop singers may pay session musicians or an accompanist to play the music They may also perform at venues employing a house band or session musicians
  • Singers may perform as a soloist or in a group of musicians. Performances may be live, or recorded in a studio. Session work for backing tracks, adverts and films may also form part of the work
  • Performers in the classical music field play an instrument - or sing - to an exceptionally high standard. They do this by recording onto CDs or by playing live; usually a combination of both
  • There is also a wide variety of 'session' work for musicians, being booked by the hour or by the day to work on recordings, adverts, film tracks and backing tracks for singers.

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