Musical and audio repairs

 15 March 2011

Musical instrument repairers and tuners maintain instruments and equipment. Their work gives the item a high quality of sound. Musical instrument repairers work on a wide range of musical instruments. Most specialise in one instrument such as a piano. Others have knowledge of a group of instruments such as woodwind (clarinet, flute, oboe and saxophone).

Stephen Thomson, bow maker
Stephen Thomson, bow maker

In general, a variety of specialist tools and equipment are used to repair instruments. Traditional tools such as saws, planes and lathes are used for many processes. Repairers of modern instruments such as electric guitars may use electronic components.

Repairs vary according to the type of instrument, the work could be:

  • Repairing cracks in the front or back of a violin
  • Removing dents from a French horn
  • Carrying out regular maintenance of instruments. This ensures the instrument continues to work well and that their sound quality is maintained.

Precision and accuracy are essential in repair work. Tiny variations in shape can make a great deal of difference to the sound of the instrument. Materials and instruments are expensive and the manufacturing process is time consuming, so mistakes are costly.

Repairs to audio equipment may involve the replacement of electronic components. Piano tuners make very fine adjustments to the individual strings of a piano so that they vibrate at the correct pitch. Musical instrument and audio repairers have a range of customers, although most are private individuals.

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