Musical instruments and audio equipment distribution

 15 March 2011

Musical instruments and audio equipment distributors ensure that these products are available to retail stores. Many musical instruments, particularly electronic instruments and equipment are manufactured abroad and imported. The distributor's job is to ensure that these are available to retailers. They must also inform retailers on the availability of certain items.

Distribution staff workers have various administrative functions. They have to:

  • Plan and manage the control and movement of musical instruments and related music goods
  • Ensure instruments arrive with retailers on time and in the right amounts to satisfy demand and ensure maximum sales
  • Liaise with other professionals, including purchasing officers, warehouse managers and transport managers. This is to ensure that goods are received on time, stored correctly and dispatched with care
  • Have a strong knowledge of a certain brand, instrument or piece of equipment. They may also work on the branding and marketing of a product.

Distribution staff in music must know the market and are involved in liaising closely with retailers and e-commerce. They demonstrate instruments and equipment, advising retailers and local sales staff of advances and new products.

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