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 23 May 2011

For young designers struggling to get a foot on the career ladder, there’s a new creative space to show off their talents. If you're struggling to get noticed, or working where you don’t want to be, try out The Stylistic Gallery as an online resource.

The Stylistic Gallery was created to give creatives a place to showcase their work.
The Stylistic Gallery was created to give creatives a place to showcase their work.

Written by Rachel M Sanderson of The Stylistic Gallery.

The Stylistic Gallery was created by a group of design nuts, with a passion for top-class design, art and handmade creations. We wanted to give talented creatives, of all levels, a place to showcase or sell work in their very own online shop.

For new designers, the Stylistic Gallery is very much an online incubation program, which provides a platform for international exposure.

Support for new designers

Being closely connected with the world of design, we know how difficult, challenging and at times lonely it can be when just starting out. Being a member of the Gallery gives a platform to launch yourself from.

When joining, you immediately have access to a network and community via direct contact with other artists, blogs, social media and an online forum. Becoming part of an online community builds friendships, helps you gain knowledge and keeps you upbeat with guidance and support.

Promoting your design work

Promoting yourself can be one of the hardest and most physically draining tasks faced by new designers. Rather than trudging the streets with your portfolio case, you can simply direct people to a Stylistic Gallery portfolio account, showing off your work in all its glory.

Just the same as having a dysfunctional and shabby shop, people will quickly judge your website.

The Stylistic Gallery is committed to promoting new designers and showcasing emerging creative talent. Members are encouraged to shamelessly promote themselves all over the networks, post comments, share images – pretty much plug your talent any which way you can!

With our daily involvement in the web design industry we are fully aware how daunting it can be for anyone unfamiliar with setting up a website. It’s not enough just to throw together a website any more. Just the same as having a dysfunctional and shabby shop, people will quickly judge your website and if it’s not self-explanatory, easy to use or appealing to the eye, they are not going to stick around.

As a creative designer you want to spend time producing great work, not hundreds of pounds and hours of your life trying to get an e-commerce website that works for you. The Gallery has been designed so it is fully optimized, has a secure payment section for customers and members, integrated social media tools, with free online and offline marketing.

Making money from your designs

Set-up costs, for materials and working space, are often a huge problem when starting out on your creative path. Becoming either a Portfolio member or an e-commerce member of The Stylistic Gallery has minimal set-up costs, helping you to open your online showcase or shop and sitting back while we take care of all advertisement, marketing, payment processing and hosting. No rental charges, no bills to pay, just millions of customers at your fingertips.

Both memberships give you great potential to make money .Your online CV can lead to commissions, support you during college, bring you additional income while working your day job or even propel you to running a business. You can connect with training and support organizations, earn a living whilst you develop your skills and build your reputation.

Joining The Stylistic Gallery

It can be difficult, challenging and lonely when starting out as a designer.

By joining The Stylistic Gallery you can expect to be supported, inspired and make amazing contacts. There are so many talented people that don’t ever get seen, heard or discovered. We want to change that!

Every application is carefully processed and only the top talent can become a member of The Stylistic Gallery. If you believe that your creative offerings are unique and made to a high standard then we want to hear from you and support you on your journey.

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