Performer, recording artist

 15 March 2011

Performers or recording artists play music that is recorded for future listening. They are singers, classical and popular musicians and backing or support performers. They may also be part of an orchestra or band or group. Recording artists may be recorded in the studio alone, or with a backing group or orchestra. They may also be recorded from a live performance.

The performer(s) will record a series of tracks on an album that may be released and sold to the public. There are a number of different ways a performer can record their work:

  • Some singers include dance and movement as part of their performance. They might appear in DVDs, videos or in television or film work
  • A solo musician may work with an orchestra, an accompanist or their own equipment. This could include backing tracks, amplification or a musical instrument
  • Pop singers may pay session musicians or an accompanist to play the music.

Session work for backing tracks, adverts and films may also form part of the work for performers. In this instance performers are often booked by the hour or the day.

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