Producer-engineer (music)

 15 March 2011

A producer's role is to pull together the separate parts of a sound recording. Producers work with bands, or make decisions on the types of musicians required to record a piece of music. They also make decisions on the type of recording process to use and the budget available.

Junior Alli, sound technician.
Junior Alli, sound technician.

A producer may work with well known recording artists or may produce music for television or advertisements. The length of each piece of work varies according to the project. Many producers work with an agent who maintains their client's diaries and receives a fee. Producer's carry out a range of functions in the recording process, such as:

  • Listening to a band's demo tapes
  • Deciding on an appropriate studio for an artists music and equipment
  • Give advice on which tracks to use for an album.

Although the role is often joined with that of a producer, engineers have a more technical function. They:

  • Work on the technical equipment
  • Operate mixing desks and an outboard effects unit
  • Help the artist achieve the sound they desire.

Many producers/engineers occupy both roles, particularly when starting out in the industry.

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