Record retail manager

 2 March 2011

A record retail manager manages either an online or physical music store. They sell records, videos, MP3s and other products associated with recorded music. They are responsible for the day-to-day running of a store, and aim to improve its commercial performance.

A record store retail manager will carry out a range of activities to ensure that they run a profit-making business. They will:

  • Be responsible for ensuring that a store reaches sales targets and increases profits
  • Ensuring that goods are displayed correctly and that promotions are available
  • Follow instructions for store changes from a head office in the case of larger or chain stores
  • Ensure staff maintain a high level of customer service to retain customers. They may also have to deal with individual queries and complaints
  • Deal with the health and safety aspects of running a store
  • Ensure that supplies are re-ordered in time and in the correct amounts. These stores may also use a computer system for automatic stock ordering.

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