Sales staff (music)

 22 March 2011

Sales staff in music work directly in shops or retail outlets with customers. They answer queries, give information and sell products. Sales staff in music can also work for suppliers of musical instruments and equipment. They may sell to retailers or directly, offering advice and demonstrating instruments and equipment.

Despite carrying out a fairly singular task, sales staff may have to:

  • Sales staff must keep up to date with their organisation's sales policies and standards. This is in order to ensure the correct information is communicated to customers
  • Follow company procedures carefully, as many areas of this work have legal implications for the organisation concerned
  • Deal with customers in person, by telephone or email
  • Handle payments/deposits for customers
  • Have a strong knowledge of a product or range of products. An example of this would be to have large amount of knowledge about audio equipment in order to make suggestions on a purchase.

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