22 March 2011

Songwriters, or lyricists, compose lyrics and melodies for solo artists, groups or choirs. The music could be pop, rock, soul, jazz, funk, rhythm and blues, country folk or other genres.

Shane Solanki from the Last Mango in Paris band.
Shane Solanki from the Last Mango in Paris band.


  • Often use special software and synthesisers to help with their compositions and also to make recordings of their work
  • Use their knowledge of chords and harmony to create music
  • May use a keyboard or guitar whilst working on a new composition
  • Spend a lot of time developing themes and looking for new ideas, as Writing effective lyrics is a time-consuming process

In order to profit from their work, many songwriters work with music publishers and they also travel to meet the artists who may perform their songs.

Work is sometimes commissioned, although songwriters usually need to establish contacts with publishers or performers. They may make downloads of their work for the internet and publicise their work using social networking sites. Most songwriters are self-employed.

Some songwriters perform their own work, and some are involved in producing music, perhaps in a home or commercial recording studio. This may involve hiring and working with other musicians and sound engineers.

Jingle writers write music and words within advertising – to ensure the product is portrayed in an attractive way musically.

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