Stone mason

 9 February 2011

Stonemasons are involved in restoring and repairing old buildings. They also work on new projects such as stone cladding office blocks. Stonemasonry is a traditional skill that is in increasing demand due to the large amount of stonework in the UK. Castles and cathedrals, historic houses and ancient monuments are some examples that may require the use of people that can work with stone.

Stonemasonry requires a high level of practical artistic skill.
Stonemasonry requires a high level of practical artistic skill.

Construction stonemasons cut and prepare stone for buildings. There are two main types of work:

  • Banker masons are based in workshops, crafting and shaping blocks of stone. They also texture and polish stone - a technique called dressing. Some advanced masons carve figures and patterns
  • Fixer masons build the dressed stone on site, following the architect's plan. Monumental or memorial masonry is a separate but related skill, which involves making memorials for the funeral industry.

There are also some even specific types of stone masons. For example, some masons can also specialise in letter cutting or working with a particular type of stone, such as marble or granite.

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