Studio management

 23 March 2011

Studio management staff in the music industry are needed to carry out a range of tasks. They work in recording studios to handle the daily administration of the venue. In the case of independent recording studios management staff also ensures the payment from clients.

As they have a managerial role, they must ensure that:

  • Staff are recruited, paid and retained when needed. They must also be trained correctly
  • Systems are in place to record activities with clients and to pay invoices and raise invoices
  • They keep accounts and other financial records for the recording studio.

Overall the studio manager has to ensure that the studio is as profitable as possible. In smaller independent studios the studio manager may be the owner. They then have to take the lead on managing the studio and being responsible in a day to day capacity.

In larger studios - or those attached to a record label there may be separate management roles. They will work alongside technical staff such as sound engineers.  The manager may need to understand the work of several departments. However, they may not be involved in certain areas such as finance.

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